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Websites are where most people go to learn about organizations. A strong and secured site that is aligned with an organization’s goals is a must.

Now, Retus does not have a strong digital presence that communicates with the world everything the women of Turrialba are doing. Given all future goals Retus has, a functional website is necessary.

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At Kabta we will create a website that adapts to the needs of Retus. We will develop a simple and visually pleasing site which will give visitors a positive first impression and a way to get involved with Retus’ mission.

Additionally, we will work together so a site becomes a tool to broaden Retus’ reach and go hand-in-hand with the overall long-term strategy.

Given the time frame and available content, the site will consist of HOME , ABOUT US, CONTACT, JOIN US or DONATE, TURRIALBA/TOURS


  • Website Strategy that outlines navigation, key pages, visual style, necessary, optional and functional features

  • Wireframe and Full Design

  • Mobile-responsive and SEO optimized Site

  • Secure site with SSL Encryption

  • cr domain for a year

  • Domain privacy protection

  • One year of green hosting, powered by 300% renewable energy


Unless otherwise specified, the following is outside the scope of initial project:

  • e-commerce optimized site

  • Design of brand assets such as color palette, logo update, brand identity and brand book

  • Workshops to learn to manage site independently

  • Unlimited changes to site and content

  • Video/Documentary

The process

1) Initial Planning

Firstly, we will work together to establish goals and how we they fit into what is possible and urgent. Once the goals are established, we will conduct a market research and data driven analysis to determine best practices.

2) Mockup

In the mock up stage, you will see a rough draft of the site and how it will work, visual style, navigation, possible conversion paths, etc.

3) Content & Graphics

Here we will gather content and appropriate imagery to incorporate on site. It is important that all images are consistent and in brand to assure the most pleasant visitor’s experience

Kabta-brand development-digital marketing

Once a basic design idea and content has been agreed and signed on, we will develop the site using one of the worlds most popular Content Management Systems: WordPress. WordPress is easy to use and integrate with multiple services to provide the most useful tools.


We will make sure everything works at all times

Deployment and optimization

he site will now be live and ready to welcome Retus’ first visitors. Finally, We will coordinate a basic training session to cover basic troubleshoot and so everybody and Retus can understand how to edit and change the site.

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