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Digital Marketing for Social Good

At Kabta, we are committed to help YOU do better. Through a collaborative approach, we listen, analyze, optimize and help you execute better digital strategies that meet your goals. No “one-size-fits-all approach.”

Sustainable Websites

Your website can be part of a collective effort to minimize the internet’s impact on the environment. Let’s create a site that doesn’t contaminate and works for you!
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Green Hosting

Digital services worldwide account for 2% of global Carbon emissions, that is as much as the aviation industry*. Together we can bring down your organization’s footprint by having a zero carbon website. Want 100% solar powered hosting?

Digital Marketing for Good

With a human-centered approach, we work to identify your specific challenges, set goals and define priorities. At Kabta, we would love to hear your story, and we would love to help you tell it.

Growth Hacking

Accelerate costumer and revenue growth with data-driven strategies across the whole marketing funnel.

Content Marketing

Content is king. Sure, but context is everything. Are you producing the right content for your needs?

Brand Development

Transform your brand to reveal your true voice. Let’s create a cohesive and consistent experience for all.

Sustainable Web

A sustainable site with a clean UI, mobile optimized, fast, reliable, SEO friendly, and green hosting…Do you have it?

Video Production

A video your audience will talk about? At Kabta, we will help plan and produce quality videos that tell a story, your story.


Design, at its core, should be user-centered. Let’s solve your design challenges with a creative, human-first approach.

Reduce Your Carbon Impact

We can all do better things for the future. Here are a few ways we at Kabta can help you reduce your impact. Little actions go a long way.

Optimize Your Site

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Choose Green Hosting

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Plant a Tree or More

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Let’s work together to improve your website or digital marketing. Tell us more about your project!

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Nonprofit or Social Enterprise?

We help nonprofits, conscious brands, sustainable companies and everyone who is committed to a better future. For that reason, we offer a 20% discount for nonprofits and social enterprises.

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